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Keep it classic with a Zero Proof Old Fashioned

Man! What can be said about an Old Fashioned that hasn't already been said? Developed during the 19th century and given its name in the 1880s, The Old Fashioned is one of the world's most famous cocktails. Although it is a simple aperitif (Drink meant for before dinner) by today's standard it is still one of the most complex in flavor.

The success of any old Fashioned ultimately relies on the bourbon of choice and for today's recipe we've chosen to use Spiritless Kentucky 74 Whiskey Bourbon.

Kentucky 74 is a beautifully distilled non-alcoholic spirit for bourbon cocktails. Kentucky 74 is crafted using a proprietary reverse distillation process. Kentucky 74 was named Best Non-Alcoholic Spirit and won a gold medal in the second annual L.A. Spirits Awards.

The reason we chose this bourbon today is because of it flavor profile. It has that desired smooth flavor supported by notes of caramel, vanilla, and most importantly oak.

I also highly recommend using Cut Above Whiskey for a zero proof old fashioned as well if you want something with a little bite.



Build cocktail over ice

-2oz Kentucky 74

-3 Dashses of Angostura Bitters or Zero Proof Bitters of choice

-Bar Spoon of simple syrup

-Stir with ice

Garnish with Orange Peel or Slice

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